For A Taste of the Knight

This is only my favorite T.V. show in history. Some people don't understand. Those who agree can vouch for my sanity. I have this thing for dark personalities...

The Forever Knight Fan Fiction Page

4/8/98Every Thing I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From Forever Knight

Ah, Lucian LaCroix! A man of infinite jest and faculty! To some, his sole purpose in life is to tourture poor Nicolas Knight. To the rest of us, he is a respected father figure, worthy of our utmost respect.

Listening in the dead of night: CERK Radio

The hero of our story, the reluctant immortal. How he wishes to leave his house of darkness for sunnier pastures. And hey, he drives a pretty cool car!

Forever Knighties!

She is the role model for any smart, talented, brunette girl who wants to land a vampire for a boyfriend. Their love defies all boundries. Plus, their names go perfectly togeather. Examples: Mulder&Scully; Luke&Laura; Rocky&Bullwinkle......

Mortal Love

Nick's junior partner, and fellow member of Toronto's finest is Tracy Vetter. She's a little rough around the edges, but her heart is in the right place.

Perkulaters Homepage

The highlight of the third season, and one of the resons behind theVachon/Marcus Meltdown

This sensual Spanish vamp keeps Tracy Vetter baffled and the rest of us wanting more...

Vachon's Church

Lest, may we not forget the fallen friends from seasons past...

Our sensual friend Jennette has taken her fair share of tries and tests; And even though she has left the show, she will always be our Dark Lady of The Raven.

Don Schanke bought a ticket to a higher place when he boarded a flight at the begining of the third season. But that loveable, albeit dumb-as-a-brick attitude has made him a missed man.

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