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My Forever Knight Fiction War 8 Experiences

My picture is in here somewhere? If you're curious about this photo, you might want to see a page with other FK Tour photos or for the Shrewthering itself. (NOTE: Wayback Machine copies of these other pages.)

Are you curious about my forkni-l affiliations? Here are links to the Light Cousin page,
the Nick&NatPackers page, Urse's homepage, and the Fosil page.

For fans of Nick here's a ... Link to GWD's Fan Club Page ... or how about his favorite partner, here's a Link to the FoD Page, and don't forget his "Father", here's a Link to the Nigel Bennett Fan Club's Page.

The Rennaisance was a special time in history for some of our favorite characters.

And down thru the ages various Musical Instruments have been available to our favorite duo (this reference is an "in-joke" but the store is genuine).

Here's a page of FK links. and one of non-FK links.

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